A music shop geared towards the working musician; supplying all you need to get you on the road and keep you there!

Bandbox was set up to establish a music shop dedicated to the working musician. We supply the usual equipment – cables, stands, cases, instruments – but also look to support bands and musicians with hire and repair services.
We also can open to appointment if your schedule means you can’t get here at normal times – evenings/early weekends, whenever it may be we are happy to serve your needs.

We’re open 6 days a week 10 till 6 so when you need emergency supplies of strings, sticks, tape or picks before your gig, we’re open when ebay and online shops won’t be!
We now offer an online sales service; all sale prices include postage costs, so the price you see is the price you pay!

We stock products by many leading brands:

Guitars & Basses: Fender (Mexican, Acoustic, Squier, Accessories), Ibanez (Select Dealer), LAG, Vintage (registered dealer), Kingdom, Ernie Ball, Encore, BC Rich, Italia, Hofner, Stagg; Hagstrom, Brunswick, Aria Pro, Daisy Rock.

Drums & Percussion: Vic Firth, Promark, Evans, Aquarian, Remo, Stagg.

Amps & Backline: Fender, Trace Elliot, Boss, Roland, Hartke, Peavey, Kinsman

Strings: Ernie Ball, D’addario, Rotosound, Elixir, Fender, Martin, Dean Markeley, Augustine, Aquila, Dunlop,

Cables and Accessories: Boss, Fender, Korg, Planet Waves, D’addario, Kinsman, Stagg, Pulse, Quiklok, Snark, Perri’s Straps, Marvel, Roksak, Danelectro, Xvive, Rocktron